2022 SBRA Rules

The Sooner Barrel Racing Association (SBRA) has been in existence since 1982. It is designed for all skill levels of barrel racers. The SBRA will hold the races at appointed venues within a 75-mile radius of the city limits of Muskogee. Members compete in

a designated number of races for the calendar year. Awards are given for year-end.

A barrel race is a timed event using three standard sized barrels set in a cloverleaf pattern.


Board of Directors:


The Board of Directors will consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Jackpot Secretary, Arena Director, Points Director, Donations Director and Youth Director.

  1. Officers will each receive one free membership, which will include one set of points for either the horse or themselves. Additional nominations, for additional horses must be paid at the regular amount.

  2. If the director is not competing, their free membership may be used for an immediate family member.

  3. Officers MUST pay building fees for indoor arenas, and MUST pay regular entry fees.

  4. For a Board Member to be considered active they must attend 50% of the jackpots and 80% of the board meetings. Meetings should be held a minimum of every 2 months.




  1. For 2022- Membership will include one set of points. Fees are as follows:

    • Individual Peewee: $35

    • Individual Youth:$35

    • Individual Open:$40

    • Family: $60.00 (this is good for a total of 3 members that are living in the same household)

  2. Additional nominations are $25.00 each for an additional horse or class.

    • Nominations can be on rider (riding any horse) or horse (ridden by any SBRA member). But you cannot accumulate points on either a rider or a horse more a than once.

    • You may nominate as many horses as you want (Open only).

  3. Membership and nomination fees must be paid in full prior to any points counting for year-end awards.

  4. If a nominated rider is competing on more than one horse you must designate on entry which run is for points. If you fail to designate the point-counting run, your first one will be counted for points.

  5. YOUTH: youth may only nominate once in the youth class but may nominate additional horses in the open. Youth may carry over time to open, but will only receive points in one class depending on nomination.

  6. 8 and Under: Only one set of points on the rider counts. May not nominate in any other classes.

  7. There are no work requirements

  8. There are no donation requirements




  1. There will be at least 15 jackpots each year.

  2. A member’s best 12 for each nomination, horse and/or rider, will be counted for points for year-end awards.

  3. Some jackpots may be double point counting and will count as 2 jackpots.

  4. Members must attend at least 8 races in order to qualify for year end awards

  5. The jackpots will be held at venues within a 75 mile radius of the city limits of Muskogee.

  6. Jackpots will be a 4D format with ½ second splits, with equal payout to each of the D’s.The 5D will not be paid, but will receive points and will receive year-end awards.

  7. Members may pay the entry fee for each set of points (and indoor fee if applicable) and receive a no time to make the minimum number of point-counting jackpots for year-end awards. LIMITED TO 3 TIMES

  8. Entry and results will be on SPGevents.net. Entries can be done on site as well. Books close at the last 25 remaining runs at the jackpot.

  9. Disputes regarding a recorded time on a run must be made prior to the completion of the race, as the results of each run (recorded time) can be verified on SGPevents.net. It is the participates responsibility to dispute a recorded time.

  10. A horse may not be run more than once in any class and or jackpot unless both of the riders are in the same immediate family. This does not include the lead line class.


  1. Before exhibitions will not be done on the stakes for the classes, but after exhibitions will be done on the same stakes as the last class.

  2. Time limit of 60 seconds will be enforced for the before exhibitions. Exhibitions going over may be charged $5.00 for an extra exhibition.

  3. Exhibitions will be done off of an entry sheet, and must be paid for before entering the arena.





  1. Open: any age or gender. No runs may be made before or after another class because the contestant cannot be present to run in their designated class.

  2. Youth: ages 14 and under, any gender.  Age as of January 1st of scheduled race year. (SBRA must have a copy of the contestant’s birth certificate on file; if a birth certificate is unavailable we need something proving your age). 

  3. 8 & under, any gender, age as of January 1st of scheduled race year. (SBRA must have a copy of the contestant’s birth certificate on file; if a birth certificate is unavailable we need something proving your age).

    • 8 & Under is on smaller pattern and cannot be rolled over to the youth or open classes.

    • A nominated 8 & under may not nominate in any other class and can not receive points or awards in any other class.


Lead Line


  1. No nomination fee.

  2. No year-end awards will be given.

  3. No monies will be paid, but prizes will be given at each jackpot.

  4. No riding double.

  5. No horse may be lead off of another horse.

  6. Horse must be lead from the time it enters the arena through the entire pattern and until it exits the arena.

  7. Pattern will be downsized.

  8. A lead line participant may not enter any other class.


Senior Side Pot


  1. Age 50 and over as of January 1st of the current season.

  2. Must be entered in the open.

  3. 3D format with 1 second splits off of the fastest senior participant.

  4. No points or awards will be given at the end of the year.


Entry Fees/Payout:


  1. Lead Line: $5.00 – No barn fee

  2. Peewee: $15.00 - No barn fee

  3. Youth:    $25.00

  4. Open:      $35.00

  5. Senior Side Pot: $20.00

  6. Each entry fee includes a $2.00 fee for SGPevents.net and for the tractor driver.

  7. Youth and Open will pay a building fee of $7/rider when applicable (peewee and lead line do not pay barn fees).

  8. 80% payback in the open, youth and 8 & under classes

  9. 90% payback in the senior side pot.

  10. Payout will be equal for the open divisions 1 through 4. There will not be money paid out to the 5th division, but points will be given for year-end awards if nominated.

  11. Pay-out will be equal in the 8 & under class, as well as the youth.

  12. In the event that the number of monies to be paid in a division is greater than the number of contestants that fell into that division, the number of paid monies in that division will be adjusted to equal the number of contestants that fell into that division.

  13. In the event that no contestants fall into a particular division, the monies for that division will be split equally into the remaining divisions.

  14. Payout will be the following:

    • 1-22 contestant = 1 place per division

    • 23-44 contestants = 2 places. 1st- 60%, 2nd- 40%

    • 45-89 contestants = 3 places. 1st – 43%, 2nd- 33%, 3rd- 24%

    • 90-128 contestants = 4 places. 1st- 40%, 2nd- 30%, 3rd- 20%, 4th- 10%

    • 129-179 contestants = 5 places. 1st- 32%, 2nd- 26%, 3rd- 20%, 4th- 14%, 5th- 8%

    • 180+ contestants = 6 places. 1st- 29%, 2nd- 24%, 3rd- 19%, 4th- 14%, 5th- 9%, 6th- 5%




  1. It is each member’s responsibility to fill out your entry form completely so the point secretary can track points correctly. If you fail to do this you can lose the points for that run.

  2. Rider/Horse nomination may be changed one time during a season by completing a change form and paying a $25.00 fee.

    • Any accumulated points before the change will transfer over and the points accumulated after the change will be added.

  3. At no time can a nominated rider run a nominated horse in the same class for 2 sets of points (this includes any rollovers from the youth).

  4. You do not have to own a horse to ride or nominate it for points.

  5. A horse may not be run more than once in any class and or jackpot unless both of the riders are in the same immediate family. This does not include the lead line class.

  6. Points will be accumulated after nomination is made and paid in full. (Must be nominated prior to your run for your points to count).

    • Points Start by the first nominated SBRA member. All non-members are taken out before we assign points. So this means most of the time a nominated member placing for points will not correspond to who actually placed and got paid at the jackpot.

    • 8 & Under: In each division the winner gets 10 points, second 9 points and so on. If there are more than 10 in the class all other members will get 1 participation point unless they have a no time. This may be bumped up to start at 25 if there are several nominations.

    • Youth in each division the winner gets 15 points, second 14 points and so on. If there are more than 10 in the class all other members will get 1 participation point unless they have a no time. This may be bumped up to start at 25 if there are several nominations.

    • Open in each division the winner gets 50 points, second 49 points and so on. If there are more than 50 in the class all other members will get one participation point unless they have a no time.



SBRA is a divisional format association that pays equally in each division 1 through 4. The 5D will receive no money, but will receive points for the year-end awards for those who are nominated.


  1. Open is a 5D

    • Winner is determined by the fastest time (1D), fastest time plus 5 tenths (2D), fastest time plus 1 second (3D), fastest time plus 1.5 seconds (4D), fastest time plus 2 seconds (5D).

  2. Youth is a 3D

    • Winner is determined by the fastest time (1D), fastest time plus 1 second (2D), fastest time plus 2 seconds (3D).

  3. 8 & Under is a 3D

    • Winner is determined by the fastest time (1D), fastest time plus 5 seconds (2D), fastest time plus 10 seconds (3D).




  1. IN ALL CLASSES – A knocked over barrel will result in a no time.

  2. IN ALL CLASSES - A broken pattern will result in a no time.


Participation Requirements: All members in all classes must attend at least 8 jackpots to be eligible for year-end awards.  Buy-Ins will be limited to 3 (see jackpot rule number 5).


Dress Code:


  1. Contestants must wear long pants and a shirt that has a front, back and is connected at the sides and shoulders.

  2. Contestants must wear boots or riding shoe with a heel.




  1. Saddles will be given if money is available and no other awards will be sacrificed.

  2. Year-end awards will be given based on the number of members meeting the minimum number of jackpots.

  3. A Highpoint award will be given – it is given to the member in the open with the highest amount of points accumulated regardless of the division.

  4. Awards will be given in each of the Open divisions 1-5, youth and 8 & under in each of the 1-3 divisions.

  5. There will be no awards for the lead line class

  6. There will be no awards for the side pot class.

  7. A member placing in more than one division on the same nomination will only receive the award of the higher placing regardless of what D it is in.

  8. Ties will be broken by the highest number of 1st places within the D of the tie, then by the number of jackpots attended and a flip of a coin after that.


Barrel Pattern:


The start/finish line and the barrel positions should be permanently marked and must remain the same throughout the entire class.

The pattern must meet the following conditions when arena permits:

  1. A minimum of 15' between the side fence and barrels 1 and 2

  2. A minimum of 30' between the back fence and barrel 3

  3. A minimum of 30' between the timer line and the first barrel


Contestants: Contestants must make an attempt to make the fastest run possible. Any obvious attempt to pull up or pace their run will result in the following penalties:

1st offense-Warning, 2nd offense-$25 fine, 3rd offense-3 months suspension from SBRA.




  1. Pre-entries will only be accepted from the Monday before the race until Thursday at noon before the race.

  2. SBRA will use sgpevents.net for all entries and results.

  3. Pre-entries must be entered online at sgpevents.net and results will be updated live (this may be delayed depending on internet access).

  4. Failure to show up after pre-entering a race will result in being banned from pre-entering.

  5. The SBRA may need to reimburse a board member should they incur any extra charges for an Internet hot spot.


Closure of Books:


  1. For those contestants that have pre-entered, they must have paid their entry fee by 25 runs before their draw number.

    • Any exception would have to be approved by the Board of Directors.

  2. Contestants have the option to enter on site until the last 25 contestants run.


Timer Malfunction:


  1. If the timer malfunctions 3 times we will use a stopwatch and flag at timer line.

  2. The flag official will be determined by the Board of Directors.

  3. Those contestants who ran before the malfunction will have the option to re-run or have their entry fee refunded.

  4. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, a race that has a timer malfunction may be changed to a Money Maker race with no points.

  5. Timer Malfunction with a Knocked Down Barrel(s) in the 8 & under, Youth & Open:

    • In the event there is a timer malfunction and the announcer announces to the contestant that the timer has stopped and a contestant has previously knocked down a barrel(s) then the penalty or penalties would carry over to their rerun time.

    • If the contestant knocks down a barrel after the timer malfunction has been announced then it does not carry over to their rerun time.


Ground Rules/Arena Conditions:


  1. A contestant’s name will be called times. After the call, if the contestant has not responded in any way, they will receive a no time.

  2. Time Limit Rule: As voted on by SBRA members at the September 10, 2016 jackpot a new time limit rule was passed and implemented at that race and any thereafter.  A contestant has a 2 minute time limit to enter the arena after their name is announced the 3rd time.  If the 2 minutes is exceeded the contestant will be disqualified with no refund of entry fee.

  3. Arena Conditions: The ground conditions within the arena must remain consistent throughout the entire event. The number of times the ground around the barrels must be worked and leveled will be determined by the arena director prior to the start of the jackpot. But this number must not exceed 7 runs.

  4. The gate will remain open at the discretion of the board of directors or if the owners of the facility require the gate to be closed.

    • It is not the responsibility of the SBRA to close the gate for a contest that asks for it to be closed.

  5. Barrel setter must be a minimum of 16 years old.




  1. A contestant may submit in writing the complaint, along with a check in the amount of $25 to the SBRA.

  2. If the protest is granted the protestor will have their check returned to them. If not ruled in your favor the money will go to the SBRA general fund.

  3. Board of Directors will make the decision on all protests in a timely manner.

  4. Current Board Members also have the option to vote with the one strike warning in event that someone is malicious, causes a scene, has an issue with something and has taken it publicly, if this does not change, they will be banned from races until the following year. 




Any act deemed prejudicial to the best interests of the SBRA may result in fines or the suspension of a member, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Using abusive or intemperate language or attempting to threaten, bribe, influence or harass any contestant or SBRA board member. Also, any remarks made with the intent to cast aspersions on the character or integrity of an SBRA official or member.

  2. Abuse of a horse in any way.

  3. Competing while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  4. Misidentifying a horse in any SBRA class will disqualify a contestant.

  5. Other conduct that is not in the best interest of the SBRA or its members.

  6. Failure to make good on a returned check to the SBRA. Returned checks shall pay a $35 fine and no more checks will be accepted. 


Any of these acts will result in the following:


  1. First offense-  $25 fine payable to the SBRA and a warning. 

  2. Second offense-  $50 fine payable to the SBRA and suspension from the next 2 SBRA races. 

  3. Third offense- suspension from SBRA and forfeit any points for the remainder of the year.

  4. No refunds on membership or donation requirements if the SBRA member has 3 offenses.

  5. Fines MUST be paid in full before you may enter another SBRA race.”



Other Misconduct:


  1. No Alcoholic beverages or foul language around the arena area or any SBRA Event.

    • First offense is a warning

    • 2nd is $25 fine

    • 3rd the person will be suspended for the year.

    • In addition, they may be asked to leave at any time by the Board of Directors.

    • If a person is drunk they will not be allowed to leave the premises if they are driving, someone will be contacted to come and get them.

    • SBRA will not take the liability of letting a drunk driver leave their event.

    • Any fine must be paid in full before you can compete again in the SBRA.

  2. Dogs must be under strict control and on a leash at all times. No dogs are allowed in the arena.

  3. No unsupervised children on or around the arena especially the alleyway. Please do not let children climb the fence.


This association reserves the right to refuse membership and/or entry to any person deemed by the board of directors.


Any situation not covered in these rules will be resolved by

the Board of Directors present and their decision will be final.